About Us

Pellet Hub is a subsidiary of Fourth Element Group which manufacturers and distributes wood fire products across New Zealand. We also have a retail store in Hastings called Fourth Element which has been in operation since 2010. 

A walkthrough video of Fourth Element.

As you can probably guess from our name, we’re all about the flame. Hint: the fourth element in nature is fire!

In 2016, as a retailer of barbecues, our store was visited by the Traeger rep who gave us a demonstration. Being connoisseurs of wood fires and self-confessed pitmasters, we were immediately taken with the delicious, wood-smoked flavoured food!

We soon became a Traeger dealer and the pellet smoker/grill became our favourite way to barbecue. 

Our hunger for pellet grills was insatiable and we wanted more pellet grills. We soon discovered Green Mountain Grills and fell in love all over again. 

Green Mountain Grills was revolutionary! They came with built-in WiFi so that the grills could be controlled via their smartphone app. We’d never seen anything like it in barbecuing. We could be smoking our food while doing other shit across town!

Soon, other big barbecue manufacturers started taking notice of Traeger and Green Mountain Grills, bringing their own pellet grills to market. Two of the biggest barbecue brands have recently jumped on board the pellet smoking train – Weber and Broil King. 

Which brings us to the launch of Pellet Hub. Now with so many pellet grilling options, we’re on a mission to try out as many different pellet smokers as possible and help you navigate this growing market. We’re putting together in-depth guides and comparisons to help you choose the best pellet grill for you. 

Pellet Hub truly is a hub for all things pellet grilling:

  • We sell the widest range of pellet grills in New Zealand.
  • We have a range of in-depth buyers’ guides.
  • We have the most comprehensive pellet grill comparison guide in the world. Seriously, we have yet to find a feature list more comprehensive than ours!